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In these instructional videos you will gain valuable insights, and uncover helpful tips and tricks that will enhance your proficiency with the app. Unleash your artistic potential with Chordio.

Chordio is a powerful composition and music theory tool that makes finding chords and scales fun to learn. You can catalog all your unique chord voicings and progressions in one place. This is an essential tool for modern music producers, composers, and teachers.

Here you will find a series of video tutorials to help in using the app, as well as finding some useful tips & tricks.

Video Tutorials:

Expand your music theory, and coming up with fresh and innovative chord progressions when you want write something new.

Chordio comes with a selection of built-in sounds and chord progressions so you can play without recall to any other tools.

Musicians can solo over a chord progression using the built-in sequencer. The chord progressions can also be re-arranged or transposed on the fly.

Chordio's main features are divided into four workspaces:


• Build-in sequencer to create chord progressions.

• Chord progressions collection.

• Create and edit existing chords, invert and extended chords.

• Drag & Drop to change the song structure.

• Transpose the entire chord progression with a single tap.

• Create a playlist of custom chord progressions.

• Print PDF lead sheets.

• Solo over chord progressions.

• Chord Types & Vocings panels help you generate new chords.

• Play-along with a backing rhythm track.

• Save/load songs, export it as MIDl.


• Interactive way to learn what scales are associated with each mode.

• Practice modes in Chordio.

• Change tonic, mode, and layout to discover the relationship between musical notes, chords, and scales.


• Practice scales with a metronome in all keys.

• Contains more than 40 scales you can work with their notes.

• Staff view for chords and scales.


• Learn to play songs at your own pace.

• Download music from a growing collection of Lesson Packs.

• Lessons can be slowed down or pitch changed..

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