Chordio for iPadOS

Chordio for iPad

Compose with chord progressions.

A great chord progression can enhance even the simplest of tracks and turn them into something truly inspirational.

Chordio will work on both macOS or iPad, so you only need to purchase it once.

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A tool for music composition and theory

Practise Chords on a Piano with the Chordio App

Connect a MIDI Keyboard

You can connect a compatible USB MIDI keyboard device to your iPad or Mac and use it to play Instruments, practice scales or solo over a chord progression.

Chords and note names are displayed on the Grand Stave in real-time.

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Chordio connects to a MIDI Keyboard

Lessons Workspace

Practice makes perfect. Learn how to play a musical piece at your own pace. Lessons can be slowed down or pitch changed to suit your needs. You can even scroll a music passage and capture the chords.

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Modes Workspace

The Modes Workspace features an Interactive Circle of Fifths tool to help visualise scales, notes, chords and keys as well as the relationship between them. Select a Mode and rotate the wheel in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

The areas with the same colors indicate chords closely related to one another and can work well together in a song. Tap on any note in the music stave to hear and highlight it. You can use this to help students learn music online.

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Scales Workspace

The majority of western music is written in a specific key. That is, it uses notes from a particular scale as the basis for the melody and harmony. Chordio gives you access to a large collection of musical scales. Tap on either the root note or scale type button to navigate through the selection of scales. These scales are useful for a musician playing any kind of music.

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Learn Scales using the Chordio app

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