to the Chord io App

Chord io is a powerful music theory and composition tool that makes finding chords and scales fun to learn. This is an essential tool for music producers, composers, and teachers.


Chord io for the iPad




Learn Chord Voicings

Features built-in chord generator tools that helps you to find chords that sound great together.


Real-Time Chord Detection

Play anything with your midi controller, and see the chord names and voicing on a stave in real-time.


Learn Scales & Modes

Select a chord and the app will show a selection of related chords and scales.


Catalog all your chord progressions

Create chord progressions and store all these with your unique chord voicings in one place.


Export MIDI files

You can drag & drop MIDI files to you favorite DAW.


Built-in Sounds

The app contains a range of built-in sounds for performance and playback.

Connect USB MIDI Keyboard

You can connect a compatible MIDI keyboard device to your iPad or Mac, and use it to play Instruments, practice scales or simply solo over a chord progression.


Lessons Workspace

Practice makes perfect. Learn how to play a musical piece at your own pace. Lessons can be slowed down or pitch changed to suit your needs. You can even scroll a music passage and capture the chords.


Modes Workspace

This Workspace is an amazing tool for expanding your music theory. Each mode has a very distinct sound; for example, the Phrygian mode sounds melancholy and reflects the music of Spain. The Lydian mode sounds happy and is often used in jazz and rock music. The Mixolydian mode evokes a bluesy sound and can often be heard in jazz, blues and rock music. The Locrian mode, on the other hand, has a very strange sound but is rarely used.

This Workspace provides an interactive way to learn what scales are associated with each mode.


Scales Workspace

A scale is a sequence of notes arranged in order, tones, or semi-tones dividing what is called an octave. Tap on either the root note or chord type button to select from a series of Music Scales. These scales are useful for a musician playing any kind of music.


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