Chordio for macOS

Chordio for macOS

Delve into chords, scales, and compose.

Your go-to tool for learning chord progressions and music theory. Designed for learners and educators alike, it's perfect for both remote and face-to-face instruction. Just plug in a MIDI keyboard to instantly visualize chord names and their corresponding notes on your screen.

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A tool for music composition and theory


The composition workspace helps you to come up with chords that sound great together.

Features include:

  • Ready-to-use sounds for keyboard playing. Simply connect and start.
  • Build-in sequencer to create chord progressions.
  • Customise and edit chords, create inversions, and extended chords.
  • Compile a playlist of personalised chord progressions.
  • A Chord Types & Vocings panel that helps you generate new chords.
  • Print chord sheets in PDF format.
  • Practice with a rhythm backing track.
  • Save and load songs.
  • Export MIDI, print PDF and share song to collaborate.

  • Video tutorials

  • Chordio for features a Build-in sequencer to create chord progressions.

    Connect a MIDI keyboard

    You can connect a compatible MIDI keyboard device to your Mac or iPad and use it to play Instruments, practice scales, or solo over a chord progression.

    When the keyboard is played, Chordio will automatically detect and display the chord names on the Grand Staff in real-time.

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    Chordio for connects a MIDI Keyboard for Real-Time chord display on a Music Staff.

    Split Screen view

    The split-screen view enables you to present separate grand staff, chord display, and keyboard views in high-resolution.

    These resizable detached views can be displayed in both light and dark modes, making it versatile for various settings, including classrooms with projectors and screens, flat-panel monitors, or interactive whiteboards.

    Whether you're interested in piano video tutorials online or in a classroom environment, this feature proves to be incredibly valuable. Additionally, the versatile view layout becomes particularly handy when you need to run multiple music apps simultaneously and desire instant access to chord information.

  • Video tutorial
  • Chordio resizable detached display views

    Drag & Drop MIDI files into your favorite DAW.

    Compose inspirational chord progressions using Chordio and seamlessly integrate your final creation into your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) through a convenient Drag & Drop feature.

    You have the flexibility to export MIDI chords from your DAW and easily import or drag & drop them into the Chordio app for further exploration.

    Drag & Drop MIDI files from Chordio to your DAW

    Interactive Circle of Fifths

    This is a powerful tool to help visualise scales, notes, chords and keys as well as the relationship between them. Select a Mode and rotate the wheel in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

    The areas with the same colors indicate chords closely related to one another and can work well together in a song. Tap on any note in the music stave to hear and highlight it. You can use this to help students learn music online.

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    Interactive Circle of Fifths

    Learn a musical piece

    Chordio comes with a collection of amazing Lesson Packs to help you learn songs at your own pace. The lessons can be slowed down or pitch changed.

    Learn a musical piece using Chordio

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